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Alexis Capri – Lesbian Fun from Reality Kings

Alexis Capri is back and she brought you guys a hot lesbian scene. She met with her former college room mates the other day and decided to go away for the weekend at this new spa that recently opened next to their hometown. They’ve met before but they never had the time to get up to date with everything that happened to the them in the past few years since they finished college, so this was the perfect opportunity. So Alexis booked an exclusive suite just for them with the all inclusive package. They wanted to enjoy everything from massages to sauna. The gals took a few days off from work, packed and started their journey.


Once they arrived there and checked in, they unpacked and went straight to get a massage. But they got a surprise there because they ended up in a massage course and learned a few massage secrets. After an exhausting course they were left alone to try out on each other what they have learned. Things didn’t went as they expected and the babes ended up massaging their completely naked bodies. They’ve tried it when their were in college but never go so far away. So they started to massage each other’s delicious curves and toke turns on licking their pussies. So enjoy it! If you liked this scene, check out the website and see some hot lesbian chicks licking each other’s juicy cunt!

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Alexis Capri Video from Twistys

As promised we are back with a hot Alexis Capri video for you lucky guys. She was feeling so alone the other day and she had the day all for herself so she decided to make a movie for you. At first she wanted to shoot a hardcore scene but all of her men were busy so she thought you might enjoy some quality time alone with her. She started to undress slowly showing off all of her goods starting with her delicious curves, those perfectly round tits, her sexy ass and of course she juicy pussy as well. Alexis wanted to shoot only a striptease scene but she changed her mind quickly.

She went straight to her room grabbed her pink dildo and begun shooting another scene for you guys. She made herself comfortable near the piano and started pleasing herself. She begun massaging her big tits and then went lower to her eager pussy and slowly slipped her fingers deeper and deeper. When she just couldn’t take it she grabbed her dildo and stuffed it deep in her pussy over and over again. She just couldn’t get enough off it and wanted to be something worth your while. So take a look at his hot preview and also check out more hot scene with this gorgeous babe. Enjoy it and see you next time with more hot scenes! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the blog and see another beautiful chick shoving big dildos in her pussy!

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Strip Off from Aziani

As promised we returned with another hot scene with gorgeous Alexis Capri. This time she wanted to take advantage of the great weather outside and had an outdoor shooting. Of course she just couldn’t keep her clothes on her and she ended up showing off all of her goods. When she woke up that morning and saw that it was so nice outside she thought of you guys and called a friend of hers to take her some pictures. At first she  wanted to promote some products but she ended up doing what she knew better, stripping. Of course the entire shooting took place in her backyard in front of everyone in the middle of the day, but the audience didn’t affect her at all.

Alexis begun taking off her she white dress. It didn’t took her too long to get topless and to expose her perfectly round tits, but that wasn’t all! She then continued with taking off her tiny panties and showing off her pussy. All that stripping made her even hornier than she was before and she had to take care off it. So she slowly slipped her fingers in her pussy deeper and deeper. So don’t miss out the entire scene and check her out finger-fucking in public in the middle of the day. Enjoy it and see you next time with more hot pics with gorgeous Alexis! This beautiful chick is crazy about getting naked in front of the camera, just like the naughty chicks from the blog, so check her out!


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Twistys presents Alexis Capri Nude

As promised we returned with a hot Alexis Capri nude scene. The gorgeous porn star has returned and this time she brought her dildo with her as well. She just couldn’t keep this hot scene just for herself. Alexis had a hot date the other night but as usual things didn’t went as expected for her. She went out with this guy that her friends set her up with. They went to this new club that opened to get to know each other better. After they had a great time there and everything went smoothly, he offered to take her home. They walked all the way and when they got to her place, Alexis found out that he was in a serious relationship for three years. As you can imagine she kissed him good night and he never got to see the inside of her place.

She went to sleep extremely upset and kept on thinking that she wasted her night with him. So the next morning she took matters in her own hands. Even though she didn’t got what she wanted last night she wasn’t going to give up. Alexis grabbed her dildo and before you know it she was naked, wearing only her fishnet stockings and her high heels. She spread her legs wide open and stuffed her favorite dildo deep in her pussy. Check it out! If you wanna see a hot ebony chick dildo fucking her pink cunt, visit Beauty Dior‘s blog!


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Stripping Outdoor

Alexis Capri just can’t keep her clothes on her. As you can already noticed she managed to get naked once again. The smoking hot redhead had some people over at her place for a dinner. After her food arrived she went upstairs and put on her sexy red dress with her high heels and went downstairs to welcome her guests. They all finished eating and after their stories ended everyone went home, leaving poor Alexis all alone in her big house. She felt kind of sad because at her dinner party everyone had a date and they seemed so happy and she was the only one alone. But afterward she realized that she was kind of lucky after all,  because she can have any guy she wants and then she remembered about her cute neighbor.


She went in her backyard to see if her was working around the house and the moment she saw him she started taking off her dress slowly. First she exposed her big tits and then slowly took off her panties. Of course he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. So then she bent over and revealed her juicy pussy so he could have a better look at what he was missing. Check out the entire gallery you won’t regret it. If u liked this cutie visit website and watch another perfect babe stripping in front of the cam for you!

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Sexy Alexis Capri Posing for Aziani

Sexy Alexis Capri has returned and she seems hotter then ever. She needed a change and after searching for a while she finally found what she wanted, a impressive house with an amazing view over the city. With all the people leaving and entering her life she wanted to start from the beginning and what a better way to do that then to move into a new place that doesn’t ties you with all kind of memories. Alexis found this amazing house with the help of a friend and after she signed the contract she moved in immediately. She hired a team to help her out and moved all of her stuff and in a few hours she was at her new place.


Among the guys that helped her out there was this cute guy that kept on checking her out. Alexis noticed him and made sure he was the last to leave the place. After most of the guys left she asked him to carry some of her boxes in the main bedroom. Meanwhile she took care to be almost naked with he came downstairs and this is how he found her. She was wearing her sexy panties and had her big tits exposed, so he could get a better look at her. Then she slipped her fingers deep in her pussy over and over again. So enjoy it!  If you want to see other beauties in costumes posing sexy for the cam, join the site!

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Spreading Legs

Our sexy gal Alexis Capri is back and she is naughtier then ever, so you don’t want to miss this hot scene. She went with her gals in the club the other night. After they entered the club it didn’t took them too long to find some guys to invite them at their table and offer then something to drink. They had a great night there, the guys were so nice with them, kept on offering them drinks and took care that no one with bother them. What the guys didn’t knew is that the gals didn’t have any intentions of going anywhere with them. So when the first one tried to make a move at them and saw that she wasn’t interested, the guys disappeared mysteriously.

And that’s how the gals ended up in this luxurious club with a big bill to pay and with no money. When they notice the guys left they went to the bar to asked if the bill was paid, but that wasn’t their night. So in the morning after everyone left they went to talk with the manager and offered to pay later, but he didn’t want to hear it. Instead he asked for a striptease number from Alexis. So there she is, gorgeous Alexis spreading her legs wide open and showing off all of her good, those big tits and her juicy pussy in front of the club’s employees. So enjoy it! If you are looking for similar content, check out this Kianna Dior XXX scene and see the beautiful Asian babe fingering her juicy pussy!


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Alexis Stripping on Aziani

Gorgeous Alexis Capri is back and she brought you guys another hot scene. This gal just can’t keep her clothes on her and everyone knows it. This time she got a dare from some of her friends. They went on a road trip the few days ago at one of her friend’s hut to relax for a couple of days and get rid of the city. In their first day there, they went and visited the area and when they returned they were in the mood to play some games to pass the time. So they started playing poker and after they finally teach the gals how to play things got way more interesting.


The guys invited them to play, but this time who loses received a dare. Everyone was so excited and after playing their first hand Alexis was the one that lost. The guys knew how much she enjoys stripping so they told her that she had to undress in front of everyone, including their neighbors. So our smoking hot babe Alexis ended up showing off her delicious curves, her perfectly round tits and her pussy in front of the house. Check out the entire scene and see what naughty Alexis did next and we’ll be back with more next week. Also you can visit Amber Sym‘s blog and see another beauty showing off her amazing body for the cam!

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Sensual Massage

Alexis Capri got the other day an offer that got her interest. One of her friends got sick and couldn’t make it to a shooting she had and asked our hot babe to go in her place. Although this wasn’t her first shooting she was kind of anxious because she never worked with a team of professional photographers before. She was nervous the entire day so she went out with some friends to calm her and after talking with them she felt more confident and went there with no problem. So she went there and after trying out many outfits she finally choose the final three.


After she took her pics with the photographer in one of their coffee breaks she started talking with him and asked him if he could take some pics for her personal portfolio after everyone left. He didn’t have any problem with it, but he didn’t have even the tiniest idea of what she had in mind. So after everyone left she took some pics fully clothed and then started to slowly take off her cloths. Alexis got topless and then started to massage her firm tits right in front of him. If you want to see how this scene ended check out the entire gallery. If you want to see other gorgeous babes massaging their perfect tits, check out the alluring vixens site! See you soon, guys! Stay tuned!

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Alexis Capri Exposed on Twistys

Alexis Capri got an interesting phone call the other day. A few months ago she left her paper work at this office, she wanted to try out for a job. But as time passed and she didn’t heard anything from them she thought that they found their man and completed the team. So the other day when her phone rang she was quite surprise to hear that she was expected the next day for an interview. So she looked in her closet for some decent clothes to wear and by the end of the day she finally decided. She was going there all office in her skirt, high heels and a white shirt.

Alexis arrived there earlier and waited patiently in their lobby. When her turn came she entered in the office and saw this old guy that was checking her out. When she saw his look she knew what she had to do to get her dream job. So she went there and after a little talk she started getting closer and closer and told him that she would do anything for the job. So when everyone left for their lunch break Alexis got completely naked exposing her amazing curves, those perfectly round tits and her fine ass. Enjoy! If you want to see some beautiful babes showing off their amazing bodies, enter the blog and have a great time inside it!


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